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Welcome to bookmarklet jam!

This is a one week jam focused on turning any website into a game, through the power of bookmarklets! The jam runs from May 25th to June 1st 2020.

THEME: “Hard to master”

Good luck!

Here’s the rundown:

(Q) What is a bookmarklet anyways?  
(A) Glad you asked! A bookmarklet put simply is a javascript app that modify’s whatever website you are on to automate often done tasks. bookmarklets can be used for all kinds of fun things, including games! 

(Q) Who can enter? 
(A) Anyone from anywhere!

(Q) What do I need to make my game? 
(A) Anything that can export to html will work, and you can share your game as a Data url if you need styling. If you prefer to write in pure JavaScript you can share your game as a bookmarklet. Chrome extensions are also allowed. Some helpful bookmarklet things

(Q) What assets can I use? 
(A) Anything that’s free to use (please credit the original creator). You may not reuse code from other jams, however you can use game frameworks.

(Q) Who will judge the games?
(A) You! Judging will run from June 1st to June 8th 

(Q) What are the criteria to be judged on?
(A)This will be announced when the jam starts!

(Q) Who can enter?  
(A) Anyone from anywhere!

More rules!

Anything qualifies for the jam as long as it works as either a data url or a bookmarklet (using the javascript: url type)

Games you submit must not contain nudity,  porn, hate speech, or anything else that may be considered obscene. Games may be removed from the jam for any reason without the express permission from the game creator.

Anything you make during the jam is your property, after the jam you may continue developing it and even can release it comercially.

This jam does not have prizes yet.


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