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Hello Everyone! It's time for the Amare Game Jam <3

What is Amare?

Latin word meaning Love - A new subgenre of story-focused games 

* Centers diversity and inclusivity

Amare wants diversity in all forms

* Room for all relationships

Yes romance. Yes relationships. Yes platonic.

Is my game Amare? 

Yes! If you want it to be.

If you, or your game needs a home, and there's not another tag that fits, or the current tags don't let you fit. If you think the concept of 'Amare' works. If you just like the tag and want to use it. Then YES, you belong here. Use the tag.

You can find more information about Amare by checking out this explanation, following the twitter, and on discord!

For this game jam we invite you to create a game that you believe falls under the theme Amare! Not sure what Amare is? See the explanation above and check out the links for more detail :D

The jam has fairly relaxed rules, but in general we would like all participants to keep these in mind:


  • Demos and "Vertical Slice" games are fine!
  • NSFW content is fine if it doesn't go against's TOS, and it must be properly labeled!
  • No hate speech, (i.e. speech that promotes hatred, violence or discrimination against groups of people based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.) or content that is patently offensive or intended to shock or disgust viewers.
  • Content Warnings are needed (Here is a link to help you with those if you need it!) 
  • Make the bulk of the game during the jam, planning beforehand is fine!

Want to make a game but have no one to cooperate with?
Are you an artist that'd like to help bring characters to life?
Or a musician wanting to lend your talent to a game?

Join the discord  to find others who are looking for jam partners, and to talk with other Amare Devs!

Need inspiration? Here is a list of potential game ideas! (You are NOT limited to these!)

  • Friends to lovers
  • Growing platonic connections
  • Struggling with finding one's identity
  • Nontraditional love
  • Love in the future
  • Friends on an adventure
  • Mistaken identity
  • One bed
  • Robot gaining emotions
  • Several lovers on Valentines
  • A date in the post-apocalypse
  • Wedding disaster
  • First crush
  • Sexy monsters
  • Hero x villain

The Amare Twitter will retweet any tweet tagged with one of these hashtags:

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Dark fantasy + supernatural + romance
Visual Novel
An immersive MMORPG / chatroom simulator romance visual novel!
Visual Novel
A little story about a girl meeting two cute monster-ish beings ~
Visual Novel
An interactive story about your therapist who is also a robot of your dead husband.
Visual Novel
a lgbt+ visual novel that asks, if fate demands it, can one day erase years of shared history?
Visual Novel
A collection of short but sweet moments between two close friends, you and your mentor.
Visual Novel
What would you do if you knew someone you love might be in danger?
Visual Novel
​A wholesome story about Madeline and Kandice sharing their love for one another. (18+)
Visual Novel
Class is in session! Come study at St. Tiamat’s School for Young Dragons (Submission for Amare Jam 2022)
Visual Novel
Explore the remains of a derelict spaceship to find out what happened on this failed space project.
Visual Novel
~You're hired~
Visual Novel