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Hello and Welcome to the 2023 Amare Game Festival <3

 A celebration of love and diversity in story-focused games! 

What is Amare?

Latin word meaning Love - A new subgenre of story-focused games 

* Centers diversity and inclusivity

Amare wants diversity in all forms

* Room for all relationships

Yes romance. Yes relationships. Yes platonic.

Is my game Amare? 

Yes! If you want it to be.

If you, or your game needs a home, and there's not another tag that fits, or the current tags don't let you fit. If you think the concept of 'Amare' works. If you just like the tag and want to use it. Then YES, you belong here. Use the tag.

You can find more information about Amare by checking out this explanation, following the twitter, and on discord!


For this game festival we invite you to create or update an existing game that you believe falls under the theme Amare!

Why a festival?

Jams are an awesome way to get the creative juices flowing and challenge yourself to create a game in a short amount of time. However, there are already a lot of amazing projects in progress, so it's important to celebrate those and give people the opportunity to focus on setting and achieving goals with their existing projects as well.

Examples of Submissions

  • A new game.
  • A Demo or Vertical slice.
  • A new chapter update to an existing game.
  • Adding new features or content to an existing game.

The festival has fairly relaxed rules, but in general we would like all participants to keep these in mind:


  • NSFW content is fine if it doesn't go against's TOS, and it must be properly labeled!
  • No hate speech, (i.e. speech that promotes hatred, violence or discrimination against groups of people based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.) or content that is patently offensive or intended to shock or disgust viewers.
  • Content Warnings are needed (Here is a link to help you with those if you need it!)
  • Release or Update during the festival period. Work can be commenced before the start of the festival.

Join the discord to find others who are looking for festival partners, and to talk with other Amare Devs!

Examples from last year! - Take a look at all the entries HERE!

One Just Night Cursed Place by PDRRook Emberfate by Windchimes

Other Amare games examples

High School Daze: Junior Year by Hummingbird Games Our Life: Beginnings & Always by GBPatch War of Roses by Jellyfish Parade

Don't forget to checkout the Amare Tag HERE for more great titles!

Want to post about your entry on social media? 

Remember to use the festival hashtag #AmareGameFestival or one of the hashtags below.

The Amare Twitter will *currently retweet any tweet tagged with one of these hashtags:

*With Twitter in the process of revamping their API system we are unsure how those changes will affect our twitter retweet function.