This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-05-28 18:00:00 to 2021-06-04 22:59:59. View results

This is a 7-day game jam, focused on using simple or complex AI techniques for the design and mechanics of games. 

Voting on games submitted to the jam concludes on Monday, June 14th at 23:59:59 UK time (BST).

The jam end time has been extended to Friday June 4th, at 23:59:59 PM UK time (BST).

The jam runs from 28th May, at 7 PM UK time, to June 4th, at 7 PM UK time.  

Our Favourite Games of the AI and Games Jam 2021

Judged by Tommy from the AI and Games channel, here are our favourite games from the event (in no particular order).

Thank you all for your participation.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us throughout the jam!

The Top Publically-Rated Games of the AI and Games Jam 2021

Congratulations to our top game: Break the Rule by X&Immerision.  The full list complete with public ratings can be found here.

Key Information

Who can participate?  Anybody!  Everyone is welcome and you can participate individually or in teams.

Is there a theme? The theme of the jam is 'BREAKING THE RULES'

What do you mean AI? If you're implementing artificial intelligence of any kind, be it for decision making, pathfinding, character behaviour, player modelling, level generation, animation, you name it.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you like.  You can use classic/symbolic AI or machine learning as well.   Submissions are not judged on the complexity of the AI implemented.

So PCG as well? Yup, procedural generation for levels, art, characters etc. is relevant.

Does it need to be a 'game'? Weird and quirky experimental stuff is welcome and permitted.  But just bear in mind that the judging (see below) is built for assessing games.

What can I make my game in?  Any game engines or tools are permitted and any target platform is permitted (PC/Mac, VR/AR, mobile etc).  But at least one build should be able to run on modern Windows or web browsers. 

What assets can I use? Any game engines or tools are permitted.  The vast majority of the game must be developed during the jam, but you can use whatever assets you have the legal right to use (i.e. art, animation, audio, purchased asset packs etc.).  We ask that you refrain from writing code for the event prior to the start of the jam.

How will games be judged?  Games are judged by the public and ranked using the following criteria: originality, presentation and fun. 

  • Originality: How unique is the games concept and/or the application of the theme?
  • Presentation: The overall quality of the games aesthetic and playability?
  • Fun: How entertaining and enjoyable is the game overall?

(I know, I know, we're voting on highly subjective concepts using simple numeric criteria, we're upset with us too)

Once voting concludes, the top submissions will be played by Tommy and his favourites will appear in an episode of AI and Games. 

Is there a Discord I can join? Yes! Come join us in the AI and Games Discord server, we'll have a special corner setup for all our jammer friends.

Some Additional Points

- You may participate in multiple jams at once provided they happen at the same time and your game fits both themes. 

- Games submitted to the AI and Games Jam must not contain nudity, inappropriate and hateful imagery or foul language. 

- Your game cannot require additional software such as an emulator, or existing commercial releases (e.g. Roblox, Minecraft, etc.) in order to run.

- You may re-use code from older projects, but our mods are not in a position to advise you with issues/errors etc. 

Important Legal Stuff

- Anything you make during and submit to the AI and Games Jam is your property.   The jam organisers claim no rights or ownership to your game and we hope that some games may continue on into larger projects in future.  

- Any game submitted to the AI and Games Jam may appear in a future episode of the AI and Games YouTube series without the authors express permission.