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We're hosting the annual 6 Hour Jam before Halloween and you're invited! Come create a spooky experience in just 6 hours! Never made a game before? No problem, this event is about getting your creativity flowing, meeting local artists and developers, and making a concept for a game. Some people will have time to make a working prototype, others just concept art, slides, a storyboard, or choose-your-own-adventure style story.
- Artists, Musicians, Storytellers, and Programmers all welcome! -

Anything goes as long as you are creating!

12pm - 1pm - Meet people and form small teams
1pm - 7pm - Work on spooky game concepts
7pm - 8pm - Present what you created to the group

We will be doing the kick off meeting on Saturday and presenting the games we've made on Sunday remotely both on Discord at

You will then have until before midnight on the 25th to submit your game, in case you ran into some issues that prevented your game from building. This also creates some flexibility for people who can't commit to making a game at 1PM on the 23rd. We're using the honor system, so try to only work on a game during a 6 hour window of your choosing. 


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Bidding on abandoned storage units but they are RPG chests that adventurers never returned for.
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Erin the adventuring ghost must help other ghosts solve problems preventing them from moving on to the afterlife.
Role Playing
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A game about throwing lifeless bodies off of a cliff.
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Be a ghost and spook trick-or-treaters on Halloween night!
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A Halloween Excel game made for a 6 hour game jam. Unfinished. Meant to be an endless runner, but no collision.