This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-03-27 11:00:00 to 2020-03-30 11:00:00. View 148 entries

The GDC Relief Jam is here to support the GDC Relief Fund spearheaded by WINGS. Throughout this weekend, we will bundle any creative work submitted or created -big or small, game or asset or otherwise- to support these developers into a GDC Relief Bundle, that we will sell for one week only as a Pay-What-You-Want bundle with all proceeds going directly to the fund. People are free to submit existing work, or jam along on new work. If you want to offer a service or commission-based contribution, we suggest that you offer that individually and donate the proceeds next week during the fundraiser itself next week.

If you prefer working from a theme, we are suggesting the theme "connection". The deadline for games - to allow for checks and bundling - will be on Monday March 30th at noon - 12:00 - GMT. 

Throughout next week, will provide a livestream with various content ranging from workshops to entertainment to promote the bundle. 

Why a GDC Relief Jam?

With the news of GDC's official cancellation, many marginalized developers are facing the reality that they’ve invested what sometimes comes down to years of savings into an event that will no longer happen. The combination of the uncertain circumstances surrounding the virus and the high risk and cost of healthcare in the United States caused many developers from around the world to reconsider travel, but many felt beholden to their itinerary whether the event happens or not due to the sizable investments they’ve made.

Even though GDC has committed to refunding the tickets of attendees that haven't cancelled, many developers around the world do not have a way to refund their visas, lodging, and travel costs. Many did not just lose the opportunity of attending this years' conference, but also the possibility to re-route the funds spent to other opportunities throughout the year, and some incurred large emergency expenses related to lockdowns around the world.


Please note that your work will be bundled into a Pay-What-You-Want bundle that will be available from Tuesday March 31st until Tuesday April 7th. The rights for your game remain entirely with you. After Tuesday April 7th, the bundle will be removed from sale. All proceeds will go directly to the GDC Relief Fund spearheaded by WINGS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at