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The ZX Spectrum was an exceptionally popular home gaming platform and for many was their first taste of gaming. The Spectrum has a vast and colourful back catalogue of games that are screaming for a modern-day-spin.

The rules for this jam are simple:

  1. Pick any Spectrum game (you can find a list of games here)
  2. Make a sequel for this game (not a remake!).

The word sequel is key, to remake a game is easy. To take an idea, progress it and develop it presents much more of a challenge.

You are not limited to the style of the game you wish to make. There are no restrictions to the graphical style or system requirements. Your sequel can be 2D, 3D etc.

With respect to copyright feel free to rename your game to anything you wish, and simply let us know in the game description which game you used for your inspiration/foundation.

Due to the Christmas period the jam is spread (pardon the pun) over two months.

ZX Sequel Jam Start Date: 3rd of December 2015
ZX Sequel Jam End Date: 1st of February 2016

Please make use of the community section, sharing your progress and participate in discussions.

Let's get dangerous!

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