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I hope this little jam will help folks get their gears together this March and beat out the post-winter slump! It shall be dedicated to every zinester's true love... A mini zine!!! The glorious one sheet of paper to cool little book >:D 

Themes: [ Analog | Wiggle | Hidden ]

Wiggle is the community theme suggested by grawing on itch!! I am very excited to see what you guys make over the next 2 weeks!!

Psst it is also mini zine march as dubbed by Sea green zines the last 8 years now I believe? Blanc is the creative is also hosting minizine march as a month long prompt list split across 5 day blocks. Lots to do <3 I hope to see her prompts in the jam 💫

What do I neeeeeed?

  • Yourself 
  • Some paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • More random stuff 
  • Maybe a computer or phone 

    -- A lot of note apps lets you make a pdf ;D

  • Electric zine maker (but only the potato)

    -- EZM is very handy for formatting zines in a fun way!!

Looking forward to seeing what people come up with! Hopefully, the page will look nicer on jam day too ;D 


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Short drawing zine about computers. Made for z.i.y
A zine about accepting that everything doesn't need to be special.
feel free to share w/ me @ratsatemysocks !!
make art that's alive, not a product
Wow! It finally came out <33
16 page mini-zine created for Z.I.Y : Minizine Edition