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Original Post by Nyx at SeaGreenZines.

ZineWriMo is like NaNoWriMo. NaNo is about writing a novel in one month (November). ZineWriMo is about zine making in November, based off of NaNo.

What is a zine?

Submission Guidelines

This Jam will allow:

  • Physical and HTML zines
  • Multiple submissions
  • Submissions should ONLY be zines worked on this month (you can share older zines you made in the forum though!)
  • Okay to charge money
  • Please label adult/nsfw stuff. If you want more extensive content warnings but semi-hidden,  look up the details html tag.
  • Incomplete/in progress zines are ok.

Not Allowed

  • Please no harmful/promotion of bigotry type of content.

What if its bad?

So still submit it! Its fine!

I Can't Think of Any Ideas...

Prompt Zines


How Do I Make a Zine?

More Inspiration

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a semi-autobiographical zine that is as true as you wish to believe
A tribute to my favourite band.
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small zine for shut it down! for palestine
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Collaborative map-making for cards & dice
Simply draw your way to adventure
Dedicated to our fluffy, supportive friends.
A mini interactive zine/journaling TTRPG I made using stuff I found in my car on break
A zine about relationships.
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Daily Short Text Creation Tool
driving on wet, dark asphalt with the city lights beaming. the reflections of history in your mind.
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A minizine about electromagnetism
A short zine with scribbles
a poetry zine about sobriety and care
babycat's first zine.
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A Hack of Trophy Gold to play Mausritter-like games