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it’s that time of year again, the zine month!  

in an effort to make the time a bit more zine-y, this jam is an alternative to the crowdfunding take on zine month.
Instead, we’re just 

  • sharing ideas
  • making scrappy projects
  • turning things in incomplete
  • teaming up with each other
  • trading, scanning, cutting and pasting
  • or whatever! 

These can be ttrpg related or not! Make a setting zine, a photo zine, a movie review, a piece of prose, whatever interests you. You don't have to hire a team or stay up late, just tinker when you feel inspired and give yourself the freedom to be creative.

I’ll be sharing zine resources and inspiration over the course of the month and encourage you to reach out to  others in the community section of this page to share ideas, offer advice, make trades, and otherwise hang with each other. Let’s make this a little more zine fest and a little less zine quest!

*not affiliated with zine month, kickstarter, or really anybody

Here are a couple youtube channels talkin about zines that I like!


I don’t wanna be a stickler for rules because that’s not what zines are about, but one qualifier here would be these are not crowdfunding projects. You may be inspired and it may become a product in the long run, but the focus here should be laid back collaborative good times.

No AI allowed.
No bigots, creeps, -phobics, or assholes. 

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is it true that the only way to bring a hawk down to earth is to kill it?
A ripe adventure full of cheesy puns and alliteration.
Bring your pens and markers, and Dice!
mini-zine meditation prompts
Cook up a good game, NOT a great one, plz don't ruin our civilization 🥺
scrappy little TTRPG rules on the fly
A TTRPG for those wishing to explore magical worlds.
Plan events to describe humanity during a first contact with aliens
A Love Letter To America's Rotting Cathedrals And Most Well Maintained Ruins
Suites is an one page RPG system powered by playing cards and blackjack.
Zine of Flash Fiction