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From the Zines and Zinesters Discord server, here's a new zine making jam! Don't know what a zine is? Well, traditionally, a zine is a self-published booklet, generally made and distributed by one person or small group of people. Zines have their own underground subculture devoted to making, buying, trading, and collecting them. Most zines are made with photocopiers or home printers and stapled or sewed together by hand. Some people make zines without the use of any computers. Zines are about DIY, about community, about writing whatever you want without worrying about having to go through gatekeepers. Anyone can make a traditional zine as long as they have access to paper and writing implements, or a phone, tablet, or computer!

This jam's theme is "rant"! You can write perzines (zines of personal writing), make a photo or art or comic zine, write an informational zine about something that makes you want to rant, or anything else you can think of! You may work with a team or by yourself.

If you want to join the Zines and Zinesters Discord server, here's an invite:


  • None! (Well... it has to be suitable for Itch. And no hate speech or jam spam!)
  • You can submit something you started previously!
  • You can submit something unfinished!
  • You can submit a small zine!
  • You can submit a super long zine!
  • You can submit a paid zine or a free one or a pay what you want zine!
  • You can submit a placeholder page!
  • You can submit a page with a link to where your physical zine can be bought!
  • If you are open to physical or digital zine trades, consider listing your contact info on the project page!
  • Have fun!

If you want something to build off of, here's some resources about making zines traditionally and digitally or a mix of both:

Hope everyone has a good time!

Olivia Montoya


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A Bad Time Game about the struggles of retail workers
Rules-lite TRPG about lucid dreaming inspired by dreams, nightmares, and Jewish folklore
Manifeste poétique des papamamans
A rant zine about diet culture
An easy to understand explainer and criticism on NFTs from an artist's perspective
cryptic zine manifesto essai caca
Run in browser
Let's defeat the monsters that keep us from creating!
chanson de ma défection
a lonely childhood, written by a sad adult
in this issue: Spaceman Jones and Dylan are headed to the arcade!
A pdf rant zine made for Zine Jam: Rant Edition 2022