Submissions open from 2023-04-01 05:00:00 to 2023-05-01 04:59:59
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THEME:  Connection

If you cannot submit your game for any reason, please message or email Andi (or another officer). If there's still no luck or you're getting rid of final bugs, message the server and join the VC and I'll help you the best I can! Also, if you are not on the Discord server, do join. You can find out info on TAMUC's student organizations site (not including the server link here because this is a public jam).


  • Keep it PG13-ish. Cursing, gore, etc. are allowed as long as it's within reason.
  • If you can, please upload your submission so it can be played in the browser. If you're having trouble with this, let me know, as I know how to do it in Godot and can at least help in other programs like Unity also (I am not well-versed in Linux/Mac exports, however).
  • Please don't  use copyrighted art or other assets in your project. Try to find free-to-use and open-source ones instead, or just use your own!
  • You can work with others on the project, just make sure to list them on your entry!
  • Unfinished projects are fine, as long as they can (sorta) run, haha.
  • Try to stick to the theme if you can, but it's not required.


  • Game Engines / Tools: I suggest using either Godot (my favorite as we all know), Unity (if you're good at programming in C languages), Construct 2 / Scratch (if you're not a programmer), or Mu w/ PyGame Zero if you prefer Python. There are other tools out there, but these are somewhere to start! 
  • Time Management: Only use a max of 1/5 of your time coming up with ideas. Write down everything you think of, even the bad ideas. Combine bad ideas to make decent ideas, or use a bad idea with good execution to make a fun experience. Keep it simple, you will run out of time if your scope gets too large! Try to focus on 1-3 game mechanics max. Less is definitely more in this case! Prototypes are better than nothing!
  • Familiarity: Although being innovative is great, don't stretch yourself too thin. I don't suggest learning large new concepts during shorter events like this. Experiment, yes, but make a brand new state-of-the-art 3D RTS game without any prior knowledge that would help you make it? No. Stick to what you know and experiment from there! If you want to try something completely new, try to keep the scope within a range where you know you can finish it! I should note, that this isn't the same as being a newbie and learning, this is about avoiding your scope getting too large for your current skill set and time limit.