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Welcome to the ZGBJAM2 page!

From the 26th to 28th of July, we will get together to make new awesome Game Boy® games using ZGB

What is ZGB? It's a free open source little engine (plus a set of utilities) which allows you to create any kind of game for the Nintendo Game Boy®  and Game Boy Color® in C language.  It uses GBDK with an updated version of SDCC (3.6.0) Since its creation in 2016 several games have been developed even by people without a programming profile!



  • This will be a 48hrs jam, so we'll start at 26/07 17:00 (GMT+1) and finish at 28/07 18:00 (GMT+1)... the extra hour is for last minute uploading problems ;)
  • The theme is "I'M HUNGRY!!"
  • Your game must be made using the ZGB engine.
  • You can make your game solo or with other people. There's no group size limit.
  • No offensive content will be accepted, including xenophobia, sexism, racism, etc. Please be respectful.
  • Don't stress and have fun!



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Feed the kaiju
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Sardines and Omega 3 for the Game Boy!
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Game Boy game made in 48 Hours for ZGBJAM2
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Fast-paced and frenetic action bullet hell shot'm up non-stop 360 headshot: the videogame.
A sad and unfinished gameboy game
Visual Novel
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gameboy dungeon generation experiment
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