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Once again we shall embrace the art of wordless storytelling! 
Let us destroy the language barriers at this jam! 
Create a game without even a single word.
Tell a story everyone can understand.
Join us and see how much can be achieved on such unusual conditions.

Zero Word

The general idea is to make "Zero words game". So you know. Not a single word in the game itself. Its content must not contain words. page and game jam submission can describe what the game is about and some controls for it. The game should have a name and it is allowed for it to appear on the title screen. You can also include text in the 'Credits' section of the game (creator, legal stuff, licenses, copyrighted music etc).


The only rule is DON'T USE WORDS. The only words you CAN use are your game title, in-game credits and game jam submission description. One single word used inside a game will unfortunately cause disqualification. You can still use digits, either roman or arabic.   

Do not use any materials you do not have rights to. It is allowed to use both paid and free assets. The most appreciated assets are those made during the game jam.

Apart from that, you can basically do anything. No team limits. Don't be afraid to put in nudity, brutality, NSFW, LGBT, racism topics.  We create art! Let it be free! If you are making explicit content, please mark the game with a warning for more sensitive audience.


  • Would narration and dialogue count as "words"?
    • Yes.
  • Does Morse code fine? Braille letters?
    • Still technically words.
  • Is a creator logo at the boot-up permitted if it contains words?
    • It is part of credits so it is allowed.
  • Is question mark (?) allowed?
    • Single letters/characters are ok, as long as they don't form a word.


This year's theme is REGRESSION

The theme is provided by this little generator: 

Remember not to use words in any form (text, voice, braille, sign language, Morse code, etc.) ;)


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