Submissions open from 2023-04-30 09:30:00 to 2023-05-06 09:30:00
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Welcome to the official ZenoJam 7!

Do you ever want to participate in big game jams but don't know if you can handle the pressure? Are you confused how game jam works cause this is your first time? Fear not! This is a small 1-week long game jam hosted by a small community. Here, you can experience the fun of game jams. Even if you are new to game development and think you can't possibly finish a full game in such a short time, give it a shot anyway, it's worth it! In here, no one is too dumb.


Not announced yet. Join our discord server to get notified when the theme is out!


Anyone can enter this jam. You can work alone or in teams, as long as you have an itch account. Feel free to join the jam by pressing the big button on this page! Rest assured that you won't be obliged to submit anything after clicking the button, so don't hesitate to press it even if you're unsure about participating.


Participation Prize 100$ - whose teams use YAHAHA Studio to create the game and submit will receive. 

The Best Game 200$ - The best game of the game jam. 

The Best Game created with YAHAHA Studio of the game jam $300 - This will be decided by YAHAHA Officials.

If you are one of the prize winners and for any reason in particular, you may choose not to receive your prize if you so wish.


The games are rated in these categories: Overall, Fun, Theme, Visuals, Audio, Bug Free.


There is basically only one important rule, no NSFW games. We want all games to be playable by everyone. So also make sure that your game doesn't have any offensive/hateful content. 

You can use any game engine to make your game. Unity, Godot, Game Maker, Scratch, YAHAHA Studio, etc, as long as what you submit is a game.

You can submit your game in any forms. Windows, Linux, Mac, etc, but a web game is recommended as it is playable by everyone.

You may use premade assets as long as you credit the assets used in the description of your submission page.

If you want more specific rules, you can find it here. Please note that you don't actually have to read this. You are already good to go if you follow the rules above :)

About YAHAHA Studio

YAHAHA Studio is the main partner of this jam. It is a UGC meta-universe game platform where you can start your own 3D game creation journey at any time. YAHAHA is a Low Code platform where beginners can experiment without any burden! 

If you choose to create your game with the YAHAHA platform, then here are two ways to submit

  1. The submission process for the YAHAHA Studio (needs to open on YAHAHA Studio)
    • Once you've finished your project, first publish your game in YAHAHA Studio.
    • Copy your game link from YAHAHA Studio, then create a project page for your game using this link. Remember to add your launch link to the description.
    • Add your submission to this jam page.
  2. The submission process for executable files
    • Please find YAHAHA officials on Discord.
    • Officials will help you download the executable files.
    • Upload it on your submission page.

For any inquiries, you may seek help in our discord server!