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Welcome to the first Uniday Studio's open game jam. 

This is a 100 hour game making marathon, heavily inspired by Ludum Dare and GMTK game jam and focused on having fun and creating an interesting and captivating game.

Nintendo recently released a remake of one of their most known games: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (1993). One of the most interesting features of this franchise (Zelda) is how the gameplay is explored in a way to keep you engaged and playing the game. 

Watch the trailer:

The objective of this game jam is to create a unique (and original, fangames are not allowed) game based on your own interpretation of what makes this title (Link's Awakening) so interesting and fun to play. Feel free to explore and imagine new ways to make your own game based on that. There is no wrong answer.


  • Who can enter the jam?

Anyone with some (basic) game dev knowledge and a computer connected to the internet. You can work alone or in teams.

  • Can I use previously made assets?

Yes, this jam is not about creating everything from scratch in X hours, it is about creating an interesting game, so if you have the legal rights to use, then you can.

  • Can I use downloaded assets?

Yes, but you MUST have the rights to use it and give the proper credits to the authors when necessary.

  • Who will judge the games?

The public. I'll be personally playing the best games as well.

  • Can I use Zelda's characters like Link or something like that?

NO, since you do not have the rights to use it. The idea of this jam is to create a game based on Link's Awakening mechanics, not a clone or a fangame.

  • What is the prize?

The prize is your game, there is nothing other than that. This is a great opportunity to test new ideas, meet new developers and have fun. Enjoy. :)

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Play in browser
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