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This Game Jam was made for people to make a game(obviously). But there's a catch. All the games submitted(that meet the requirements) will be played by me and gameplay videos will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. Longer games will be streamed on my YouTube and Twitch.


1 - Must be a 2D game(No 3D games)

2 - You accept the terms that the game can have videos published onYouTube

3 - Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Optional but reccomended)

4 - Join the Discord (Optional)

5 - It's appreciated if the game is FREE!(Game Jams are supposed to be fun. People will play your game, yes. But will they want to pay for it? Usually, Game Jam submissions are free. Just saying. Do what you want.)

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Four innocent prisoners on death row must decide which among them will die to meet the prison's quota.
Visual Novel
Endless Space Tactics
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You died! You need to clear the way for your zombified self to get home.
Escape from a spaceship full of secrets
A sci-fi adventure, that keeps you in suspense, but yet hilarious
Interactive Fiction
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Psychological Buddy Comedy #NaNoReNo2019
Visual Novel
Play with flowers and relax.
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Click on the pig for an answer.
The sequel to the first dating sim, with even more endings!
Visual Novel
What's better than Sonic's sister?