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language maybe not 100% correct, im sorry...

Goal of this jam:

That you find / test out a new game engine.

In this case I hope you find a engine that you like :)


That you learn something new in your favorite game engine.

In this case you should try to make the best with your engine, maybe something that let other people say: wow I didnt know that something like this is even possible with this engine. (Thats why "defend" your game engine)

Anyone can take part in this jam (thats why there is "much" time)

Rules: (or things you are allowed to do)

  • use any kind of engine / tool / virtual console or create you own
  • you dont have to make a game (you can also create a tool, animation...)
  • you can work in teams or with a partner
  • you can set yourself a own challenge (and tell the others what your challenge was)
  • maybe you just want to make a mod -> so the game is the "engine"
  • you can create more than one game/tool etc...
  • the thing you created should be windows or browser playable (so that many people can play it)
  • should be englisch or have an english language option
  • you can use assets if you have permission
  • you can create your assets or a prototype of the game or what you want to create before the jam starts.
  • for other questions just ask :)
  • have fun

It would be nice if you write the engine you used (and maybe other tools) to your game page or inside to your game. (and maybe if you had a challenge that one too)


  • use of engine
  • visual (how good the game looks (I dont mean 4k textures etc, I mean if it looks good (even with 4 colors or something...))
  • sounds and music
  • entertainment / fun
  • controls
  • bug / glitch free (dosen't include features :)

Challenge ideas:

Some Engines:


Unreal Engine:

Godot Engine:

puzzlescript engine:

game maker:

Rpg maker:

if you want a bigger list, submit some engines or create a post :^)

good luck!

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A sci-fi adventure, that keeps you in suspense, but yet hilarious
2 Player split-screen fast-paced game
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Celeste But More Harder
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A remake of classic Lunar Lander
Catch creatures, do quests, get the MacGuffin.
A platformer man in 3 days in Unity.
Traverse interesting maze levels in the fastest way possible.
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Flappy bird clone. Made for the "choose your engine" game jam.
This is a small game made by me
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Robot Puzzle Game
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