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Have you ever been visited by the memory of someone you once knew but can't remember anything about? Have you found the exact same room in every house you've lived in? Do you sometimes hear the twisting static of a nighttime radio broadcast whisper your name ? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you might be haunted.

Join us for the month of October as we make games, art, ephemera, cursed objects, and whatever else that reflect and explore hauntings of all sorts, be they by ghosts, demons, memories, som̏et̍h̓̐i̕nͤg ȇlͮ͆̇s͋eͯ͂̏,  etc. We invite game makers of all experience levels to make games with us.

About the Organizers

Strange Pact is a community of artists, developers, and storytellers that started on discord several years ago with the loose goal of encouraging each others' creative pursuits and providing a context to  make weird and experimental art & games. We seek to be a welcoming space, and to that end we don't tolerate any bigotry, and ask that if you join us you keep your interactions PG-13 as not to ostracize anyone due to their age.

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A two-player, haunted house, roleplaying game
A solo journaling game about making contact with the living
a 3-player horror game about how academia changes us
Monstergirls help out some lost ghosts~~
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A short walk through a place haunted by memories.
Interactive Fiction
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A short text written as contribution ​to the "You are haunted" jam
A graphic interactive fiction about the world of the nightmares.
Interactive Fiction
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Short poetry anthology written for the You Are Haunted game jam.
[prototype] Killing time in the off season of eternity
Interactive Fiction
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