Submissions open from 2020-05-31 14:00:00 to 2020-06-27 14:00:00
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YaoiJam+ is a new incentive for creators that have unfinished yaoi or bl games to finally complete their old projects.

It takes place the month before Yaoi Game Jam, allowing creators to finish past projects before starting something new.


Can I start a new project?
No. YaoiJam+ is for finishing old projects so that creators can have at least one less project to worry about when Yaoi Game Jam begins.

Can I take an old concept and remake it?
Yes. As long as you have previously produced a demo or beta of the game and submitted it into one of the previous game jams:  Yaoi Game JamBara Jam, or Nanoreno.

Can I work on my game before the Jam starts?

Can I submit a game that was completed before the Jam's start date?
No. If your game has already been completed and released to the public before the start date, there would be no need for it to be part of YaoiJam+. 

I was working with a team, but not anymore. Can I create a new team to finish the game?

Can I work on multiple projects at once?
Yes. But each account can only submit one project to the Jam. If you are working with a team or two, you may wish to discuss who will be the one to submit the finished game.

If I don't finish my project, can I still submit it?
No. Only completed games may be submitted. 


  1. Your game must already have a demo or beta release that has been submitted into any of the following previous game jams: Yaoi Game Jam, Bara Jam, or Nanoreno. There is no restriction to which year the demo/beta  was released (You could finally finish off that game from 2016 if you wanted to). 
  2. Only finished games may be submitted to YaoiJam+, seeing as the purpose of this jam is to finish off old projects.
  3.  Your game must focus on queer relationships between men OR the queer male experience. This includes: gay, bi, trans, non-binary, aro, ace, pan, any male-identified LGBTQIA characters.
  4. Although uncomfortable subjects can be explored, please be considerate of the themes/material used, and fellow creators/players. Remember to appropriate tag your games. Entries that promote bigotry (i.e transphobic/racism) are not allowed.