Submissions open from 2021-06-30 14:00:00 to 2021-08-31 14:00:00
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Yaoi Game Jam is a two month long jam running from July 1st to September 1st (AEST), dedicated to making games featuring male-identified characters in queer relationships.

Traditionally, the term "yaoi," also known as "boy's love," refers to female-oriented works from Japan, or works inspired by those works, that feature two or more male characters in a romantic relationship. However, this game jam is open to stories about all kinds of relationships between queer-identified men, from platonic to romantic, and everything in-between!

This jam was first inspired by Yuri Game Jam, which first ran in Fall 2015.

You can view games from previous years here: YaoiJam2020,  YaoiJam2019YaoiJam2018YaoiJam2017YaoiJam2016 

Rules for YaoiJam2021:

  1.  Your game must focus on queer relationships between men OR the queer male experience. This includes: gay, bi, trans, non-binary, aro, ace, pan, any male-identified LGBTQIA characters.
  2. This is an inclusive jam and anyone can join. Although uncomfortable subjects can be explored, please be considerate of the themes/material used, and fellow creators/players. Remember to appropriate tag your games. Entries that promote bigotry (i.e transphobic/racism) are not allowed.
  3. You may only begin actual production of your game once the jam starts (July 1st). This means you may not start writing, coding, creating sprites, backgrounds, CGs, music or other assets for the game beforehand. You may however brainstorm, search for resources, or gather a team together before the jam starts in order to prepare.


  • I can't start making my game before the jam starts? What can I do instead?

You may wish to use this time to brainstorm ideas for your project, draft up character designs or concept art, search for a team to join or gather your own team.  You may even wish to learn/practice programming, search for audio tracks you could use, or plan out a list of things to do once the jam starts. 

  • Do I need to make my assets from scratch, or can I use pre-made/CC/paid assets?

No, you don't need to make your assets from scratch unless that is something you wish to do.  You can use pre-made, recycled,  CC, newly commissioned, paid etc assets. If using CC/paid assets, be sure to abide by the asset's licensing.

  • Can I submit my Yaoi Jam entry into multiply jams?

Yes. As long as your project abides by all the rules in each game jam you wish to submit to.

  • Can I submit more than one entry?


  • Can my entry be about characters that aren't male or in queer relationships?

Although your entry may have a plethora of diverse characters, it must have a primary focus on queer relationships between male-identified characters (the nature of the relationship can be romantic, platonic, or anything in between). Or it may focus on the experiences of queer males. 

  • Can I submit a NSFW entry?

Yes. All games should be properly tagged and labelled, if your entry is not appropriate for minors, you must label that in the game's description.

Have a Yaoi game you're already working on? Took part in YaoiJam in previous years but still haven't finished your entry?

This year we have a separate jam specifically for these unfinished games. We're calling it YaoiJam+ (#yaoijamplus). Check it out for more information.

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