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Step into the spotlight and join us on the extraordinary journey of the Walk of Fame! Partnering with the Michigan Music Hall of Fame Inc., we present you this special edition of the October challenge. Calling all talented creators and visionaries, we invite you to become a part of the virtual future of the Michigan Music Hall of Fame Inc.

Picture a vibrant space where music legends come to life, where the walls resonate with the echoes of melodies that have shaped generations. This is your opportunity to craft a mesmerizing digital community that pays homage to the rich musical heritage of Michigan.

This challenge is also being featured in the Games Job Fairs Autumn Edition, organized by Games Factory Talents. As an added bonus, participants who join both Games Job Fairs and our challenge stand a chance to win additional prizes.

Michigan Music Hall of Fame

The Michigan Music Hall of Fame Inc. has been established to store, create, gather, procure, exhibit, perform, demonstrate, record, celebrate, research, study, publicize, and preserve Michigan Music and its influences on local, regional, national, and international music, art and culture. The future virtual centre of the Michigan Music Hall of Fame Inc. aims to offer a world-class music museum and archive, serving as a creative hub for musicians and artists, providing recording and performance facilities, fostering community collaboration, and serving as a repository for historical documents and memorabilia.


Walk of Fame

MMHF has provided a plethora of artistic and musical resources for everyone to utilize in creating a unique space for MMHF. Let us use these resources responsibly and effectively to bring our vision to life.

*Check Vision of Michigan Music Hall of Fame on the bottom of the page


The 1st Place *1 - $300  + Signed creator* with YAHAHA (3 months)

-A fixed monthly base salary of $500 USD (at least one game submitted)

-Additional game compensation of $250 USD

-The maximum total compensation per month is capped at $500 USD

-Resource promotion and traffic support

The 2nd Place*1 - $200

The 3rd Place*1 - $100

Participation Prize*n - 4000 YOS 

Additional Participation Prize for Attendees of Game Jobs Fair Autumn 2023*: Yahaha swag (cotton bags, mouse pad, coasters) 


A signed creator* is someone who signs up with Yahaha for the Talent Hunt Program. Additional details about the program can be found here.

*For receiving the additional participation prizes, please use the same email address that was used to register for Games Job Fair Autumn 2023 when filling in the submission questionnaire.

How to Join

Official Jam

1. Kindly join our jam on this page!

2. Your submitted games should be made with YAHAHA Studio.

3. Get scores over 60 to satisfy the participation prize requirements.


Michigan Music Hall of Fame decides the winners.

-Incorporate the assets provided by the Michigan Music Hall of Fame Inc. into your spaces. The assets are available during the event, you can quickly find them on our Asset Library Collection.

To be a valid submission, please follow these requirements:

-Create and publish an original project.

-Submitted games must be exclusively developed in YAHAHA Studio.

-Submit your project on page.

-The space should be kept available to visit until December 31st, 2023.

Rating Rules

Standard Definition Fractions
Mechanism The core mechanics of the game are complete and playable, while ensuring that players do not lose interest in a single mechanic 15
Art All visual elements in the game are complete and fit into MMHF 20
Plot Coherent and thematic game story, with multiple triggers and guidance methods to ensure that players do not feel monotonous 20
Music and sound effects MMHF-related audio materials reasonably used in the game with sound effects based on specific situations or operations 25
Work completeness No major bugs and thematically appropriate game flow, allowing players to experience the game smoothly and immersively 20
Overall score 100

Vision of Michigan Music Hall of Fame

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