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The What The Fuck Game Jam is an event started by two people who wanted to show their friends how easy it was to make games, and give everyone they knew with a creative itch an excuse to make something new. The WTF Game Jam was created to be a safe space for the spectacular failures that occur when a complete lack of skill mixes with enduring enthusiasm, and it is a celebration of those fuck ups and half-finished ideas.

Whereas other local and international game jams have artistic themes, challenges, and massive attendance records, the WTF Game Jam simply aims to get a few creative people together and give them the kick in the pants they need to take a chance at doing something new.

We don't know what the fuck we are doing, and that's ok.

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Vaping's still cool, right guys? ...right?
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A historically accurate simulation of medieval monarchy made for WTF Game Jam 2017
A themed compilation/mashup/fever dream of all the games made at this year's WTF Game Jam.
Smoke or be smoked! A WTF Game Jam 2017 Submission.
A crow that shoots knives, what more could you want?