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Jam got in our ears!

Same rules, you can take any 24 hour period between now Thursday 10th (so finishing by before Saturday 12th).

Our theme this time is:

Three Man Duel~

Rules of the Jam:

  1. The Jam is to create a game with a focus on sound design.
  2. You are not allowed to source currently existing sounds or music, and must create your own sounds.
  3. The Jam will last for 24 hours.
  4. There are no team limits or restrictions. You can do it solo or in a large team.
  5. The theme will be announced on Tuesday evening. It will be randomly generated so get ready to be creative!

Extra thoughts:

  • The sounds do have to be created by you, but it's up to you how they are created or how they are used. Foley, composition software, bfxr, live recording, physical instruments or mouth-noises, whatever you want is acceptable as long as it's created during the jam.
  • The game includes digital submissions but is not restricted to them. If you want to create a physical or tabletop game and can include sound design in it, you're welcome to.
  • We have Tuesday-Wednesday listed since that's when we'll be doing it, but you can do it in any 24-hour period from the Tuesday until next Wednesday night, if it suits you better to join that way.
  • We'll be hosting digital submissions on, and will take physical submissions to the Dundee Playtesters group to show off.
  • You're also encouraged to post on the Facebook event page throughout your project and let us know how you're doing. The page can be found here:
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Three player battle arena set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, except it's blocks. And they duel. For honor.
Procedural audio meets real time strategy.
Fast paced experimental shooter with CowBoy Boys