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Note: This is not a traditional game jam. Through consulting with leadership, it's been agreed that games submitted to this page will be added to a bundle that will run from 3pm CST 7/1/22 to 3pm CST 7/15/22 and be offered for a minimum $10.00. Please only submit finished games that are available for purchase.

June 24th, 2022 was a harrowing day for civil liberties. In the United States, basic human rights are being stripped away. It is a stark reminder that even after 50 years of legal protection, equality can be so easily lost. To say nothing of the dangerous precedent this decision sets for other civil rights protections, we believe that the right for a person to pursue safe and legal abortions is more than enough reason to stand up and take action.

This decision does not only effect those capable of becoming pregnant. It is a determination of what rights we as a society choose to hold sacred. It is a question of  who is deemed worthy of protecting. The fabric of our society is woven by every single member, to erode a single thread unravels us all. We must all take a stand and demand that our rights and bodily autonomy are federally recognized

With support from creators and supporters in the gaming community, this bundle was created to aid the fight for basic and humane rights.  All proceeds will be donated 50/50 to the following charities:

  • The National Organization for Women
    The National Organization for Women is one of the largest and longest standing US organizations pushing for gender equality. We believe their inclusive actions for gender equality is the ideology needed to support all those effected by this decision.
  • The Center for Reproductive Rights
    The Center for Reproductive Rights is an organization with a strong track record for supporting the specific issue of safe and legal abortions. Their mission statement focuses on changing laws, which is the exact action we believe we need to fundamentally enshrine an individual's right to bodily autonomy.

To all those who are affected, you are seen, you are strong, and we are in this together. Every human being deserves basic rights. Worthy of better, stronger together.

This initiative is organized by Abbey 'Scruncho' Smith and supported by a multitude of creators.

At the conclusion of the submission period, the bundle will be live from 3pm CST 7/1/22 to 3pm CST 7/15/22 and be offered for a minimum $10.00.

Participation Information

How will the funds be handled?
The money goes to (it does not pass through us or our company), who then gives it directly to the charity organizations.

Can I submit non-commercial/free projects?
Not this time, sorry! As mentioned above, the free aspects of prior bundles caused a lot of consternation, and winds up diluting the perceived "value" of the bundle. There was also a lot of debate about whether free games in a bundle like this wound up becoming self promotion. All of that sucks but we're not out from under capitalism just yet, so we're avoiding it in this bundle. The games can be cheap, just not free.

Can I submit multiple things?
Yes, but please select no more than 4 projects/items, remembering that all must be paid.

Can I submit non-games?
Yes, any project page that has a URL on is good, as long as it's paid content.

Can I submit adult content?
No, sorry! We want this bundle to be media friendly for maximum reach and you know how people get. Just use your discretion.

Can I submit my project after the bundle has started?
No, sorry! The bundle is huge already.

Will Steam (or other external keys) be given with a purchase?
No. Only projects will be considered for this bundle.

I'm worried people might already have my game from another bundle.
That's okay.

Will you be vetting games?
Absolutely! Staff will be looking through submissions to make sure bad actors don't try to sneak through anything unsavory.

How do I join?
Click "Join jam", then click the button to submit your project.

If you have any addition questions you can post in this Jam's community: