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Hi everyone, this jam will be converted into a bundle for easy purchasing once submissions are in!

World Environment Day is coming! To celebrate it and raise awareness about the conservation of the environment and all the creatures that inhabit our planet, we have decided to organize this World Environment Day Bundle, if you have content related to the environment feel free to join us, all content categories are accepted, games, assets, mods, books, etc.

The curretly price of bundle are $9.99 USD, I created a form where you can vote for other price ( bundle starts Saturday 04 of June at 00:00:00 and ends Monday 06 at 23:59:59.

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!


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cute pixel pastel farming asset pack
Make your own forest!
They are looking. They seem to be following me... No one has contacted me...
2d pixel art for a farming game.
Part single-player RPG, part Choose Your Own Adventure, and part activity book.
Is a pack containing over 70 elements to create a 3D pixel art dungeon
Pokémon D6 TTRPG
A journaling rpg about strolling through an ever-shifting garden dreamscape.
They contacted me. I seem to have been accepted for this job, but I feel them around...
3 backgrounds for your game
16x16 RPG Icon Pack
Counter Aim
A ttrpg game about raptors in space
Is there a Dolphin? Spoiler: Yes, yes there is.
Live on a asteroid farm for 7 days.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
PDF/digital zine of poetry from the point of view of a lavender plant!
'I Heart Succulents - Volume 2' is a 16-page colour PDF zine full of tips and tricks on how to love succulents.
A sound pack with multiple rain and thunder effects
A icons pack with Vegies, Fruits, Herbs and Meats
Voxel nature pack
Counter Aim: Brutal Offensive