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There's a lot of bad writing in games. Words take a back seat to mechanics, visuals and audio frequently in games. But words are awesome and powerful. (Look, I just made that true using only words.) 

Now that more numerous and more diverse hands are making games, things are getting better. Good writing and compelling narratives are replacing cringeworthy dialog and throwaway text. 

This jam is about exploring the role of words in games. Make an interactive fiction game (tools like Twine and Inform7 make this more accessible than ever). Make a word game. Make a twitterbot game. Make something where the words come first.

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Entry for the Dev Night Words Jam
Rogue-like, turn-based, survival-horror, truckers
Earn the trust of a team of marines on a far-off planet
Play in browser
Beginners game for learning Hiragana
the party game where you decide what some random letters stand for!