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Have a fun puzzle or word puzzle game?

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This bundle is for you!

Puzzle Games Big or Small, We Want 'Em All!

This bundle follows a split revenue structure; 

Both Free & Paid Creators are Supported!

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A legacy solo narrative game about the cycle of life of mycelium
240 Puzzle Levels, Fun Chaotic Versus Mode, Various Unlocks, Level Editor & Online Levels await you!
Step in and play in our Cyberside Picnic.
Visual Novel
A grim system-neutral three-acts isekai adventure for tabletop role-playing games.
Corral the herd of Wordle results and fit as many green and yellow cubes into your fields as you can!
Puzzle game
Try to type in as many words that fit one of over 30 prompts!
Heaps of Difference-Finding Fun!
A short game about creation.
Interactive Fiction
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