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Hello and welcome! Wizard Jam is the bi-annual Idle Thumbs community-run game jam.

Wizard Jam is not a contest; the main emphasis is to celebrate the Thumbs community through sharing and collaboration over the course of a fortnight. We write devlogs and post GIFs. We offer support and volunteer music, sounds and other assets. We play each other's games and stream them. It's a lot of fun.

The other thing we try to emphasise is encouraging people to try making something new and unfamiliar; or to try game development for the first time entirely (quite a few of the entries we've had in the past are from complete first-timers to gamedev!). We run the jam over the course of two weeks to give people the room to try something weird and see how it turns out.


Here are some details:

Wizard Jam - Friday 8th June to Sunday 24th June

Showcase Weekend - Saturday 30th June to Sunday 1st July

Choose an episode title from any show on the Idle Thumbs podcast network and use it as a theme prompt for your game. (Thanks to Broxxar, Panzorfork & matt.ishii for providing the site)

  1. This jam is not a competition, and there is no minimum level of game development experience needed to join. People from all backgrounds are  welcome to participate. If you're new to gamedev, let us know! Join us on the forums and on Slack; where you'll find help, advice and encouragement from the community. 
  2. Entries containing any form of harassment or hate-speech are not permitted. Anything crossing into this territory will be removed.

After the jam finishes, we'll be hosting Showcase Weekend; an opportunity for everybody to step back from the game making process and look at what everyone else has made; with an emphasis on giving feedback and comments to fellow creators. It's covered in the schedule below, and there'll be more details to follow.


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It all started with four animals.
Interactive Fiction
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A twin stick shooter where you put out fires with murder.
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Chill treasure hunting/exploration game
A stealthy, hacky, robotic first person puzzle game for Wizard Jam 7.