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Welcome to the 2021 Winter VN Jam! A game jam for visual novel and story-focused developers.

Continuing from last year's Winter VN Jam, I thought it would be a lot of fun to see more VNs that focus on the winter season. This is what this game jam is all about.

This jam's theme is: Winter. You can interpret that how you like.

Whether it's a story about a character settling down with a nice mug of hot cocoa and some gingerbread cookies, or an adaptation of The Snow Queen, your winter tales are welcome here.

Submission Guidelines:

  • You can use the jam to complete a project you've already begun working on, so long as it fits with the jam's theme of winter.
  • The game submission must be a visual novel or be story-focused.
  • There's no official judging. Anyone who reaches their goal during the jam has completed it.
  • This jam will not accept submissions that depict sex or gore.
  • Collaborations and solo projects welcome.
  • Submitting demos and works-in-progress are fine!

So have fun, gain experience, and go make a game!

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A tale of the end times.
Visual Novel
What's in a name?
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This is a story about a duck named Gray Neck.
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