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We welcome you to this year's alpha Winter Game Jam!

At this event you have to create a game in 48 hours on the topic below. On the last day our jury will judge this game in 3 categories.

Here we evaluate the final state of the game, its look and feel, as well as the themes  implementation and, of course, the fun!                                                                          This is the theoretical category. In this one we rate something like your basic creative idea, implementation of the theme and your mechanical ideas.                     The name says it all. How beautiful was your game? How is the story and worldbuilding? How cool is the sound? All the questions find an evaluative answer here. 

In each category you can get up to 15 points. The team with the most points in total wins. In case of a tie, the jury will decide.


Each participating team had to register additionally at the alpha Mittweida discord. Furthermore, each team member must be a student of a university and the registered team must consist of at least 50% members of the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (including alumni).

The game itself is not subject to any given restrictions. However, we ask for a SFW game so that everyone can play it. Keep in mind that your game should be published on under the Games Studieren brand and thus indirectly represent the university.

Your are allowed to use extern textures, sound effects or themes (credits are a muss). Everything else in your game has to be created in the game jam. 

Challenges are meant to give you a rough direction for your game, but also just be fun. However, for each successful challenge, you will get a bonus point on the final score. But you don't have to do them all. We count a maximum of five bonus points from challenges. Have fun!

No matter if you get first or last place, have fun and learn something. Even if there are prizes, it's not about winning but about making nice memories with your friends. You will create a game together that will be fun for you and others, always keep that in mind. There is nothing more to say. We wish all participants a lot of fun and joy!

This event is supported by the GIMI e.v., a local association with the goal of improving the research and learning environments in the field of Computer Science at the University of Applied Science Mittweida. All prizes for our gamejam are financed with their help.

Therefore we would like to express our sincere thanks for their continued support of our project.



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Bomb your way to the top
Because you were a porfessional bomb maker in war, you tend to bring bombs to social events, you now got to defuse.
[gamejam 'best game' winner] Survive your exploding enemies and the ticking timer for as long as you can.
"Tower of Boom" is a 2D-Platformer, where you climb up a tower while dragons blasts fire at you to protect the top.
"Yeet Bombay" is a 2D-Foddian-Platformer, where you yeet bombs, hit yourself and scream "Yay!".
Play in browser
First Prototyp of our Game for the gameJam tic, tic...BOOM
Join a little phoenix-chick on his way back to its toasty nest. But be careful, time is'nt on your side....