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Theme: There Goes The Neighborhood

3rd Annual Winnipeg Game Jam

On location registration here: space is limited register soon!

Bring your game ideas to life! The third annual Peg Jam kicks off June 16-19!

The Winnipeg Game Collective is proud to announce the 2016 Winnipeg Game Jam. Last year's event was a huge success with 60 participants creating 20 games over three days. This year's jam promises even more excitement with new speakers and awesome new games. A special thanks goes out to our industry partners New Media Manitoba and Electric Monk Media for making this event possible.

Special guests include Graeme Borland of Owlchemy Labs, artist Amy Gerardy, Mike Berg of WeHeartGames, Brett Lowey of BrainGood Games and Calvin French of Kitty Lambda Games from Calgary, Alberta. These speakers will join us for the weekend to help groups develop their creative vision and even make some games themselves. Register now as space is limited!

The talks this year are focused on developers who have had success breaking into commercial markets as indies and should be entertaining and informative!

Graeme Borland - Owlchemy Labs -
Amy Gerardy - Freelance artist -
Mike Berg - WeHeartGames -
Brett Lowey - BrainGood Games -
Calvin French - Kitty Lambda - Games


  • Thursday, June 16: 6 PM - 9 PM:
    Speakers and Orientation
  • Friday, June 17: 6 PM - Midnight:
    Game Jamming
  • Saturday, June 18: 9 AM - Midnight:
    Game Jamming
  • Sunday, June 19: 9 AM - 10 PM:
    Game Jamming and Presentation of Games
Where: ACI Classrooms, 4th Floor, 245 McDermot Ave
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A young girl is trapped in a house.
Multiplayer co-op sailing; heal your partner to survive!
Sell items to fulfill your curse, but beware of sketchy items!
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Level Boomtown as a giant bowling ball!
Time dilating 4 player split screen top-down cyberpunk shooter
wait for the bus over and over
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Pegjam2016 game about a little star dude with 100 lives
It's time for Grandpa's revenge against the Frat Boys.
A peaceful night of disarming explosives.
A vicious storm of asteroids are heading for Earth, and only you can stop it!
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Child riding chicken riding lawnmower
My First Game
A simple game that explores the emotions of being a nomadic space explorer.
Adventures in science! Now in 3D!
You crash land on Earth, accidentally landing in the middle of a city.