Submissions open from 2020-01-01 05:00:00 to 2021-01-01 05:00:00
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This jam is dedicated to the brutally overlooked underdog, Nintendo's Wii U.  If you've been curious about the system and want to make a game for it, or are looking for a development challenge to try something different, this jam might be for U.  If you're an already published developer who has content that could run on the system, please consider this jam a vehicle for trying to make a build of your game to port.  

There's no other home console system in the world that utilizes an integrated second screen as part of the original hardware.  Why not try to take on something truly "U"nique?

Possible engines to use: Unity version 2017.1.3, Unreal Engine 3, Construct 2, and / or HTML5.  If you know of other engines that support the Wii U without it overheating, please feel free!

At the moment of typing this Nintendo still offers development kits to build games for the system, so technically the console is still alive.  If "Wii" can get enough entries that look attractive and play well hopefully someone will take notice.  The system may have been overlooked but for those who have paid attention, it is truly an underrated gem.  With two screens being a Nintendo development hallmark, the Wii U is the  pinnacle of that achievement.  Perhaps this jam can help continue that vision and push the concept forward.  


There must be something utilizing the gamepad as a second screen.

You must use an engine that supports the Wii U.

No mods allowed but new controller ideas are okay.

Bonus amplifiers:

Putting motion controls into your game.

Using the gyrometer in the gamepad.

amiibo support

Unique control scheme

    -this could consist of using the Wii Fit board in conjunction with one or more Wiimote, finding a new way to utilize the front USB ports or Gamecube controller adapter, having one person use two Wiimotes each connected to the Nunchuk, etc.  The list could go on.


3DS connectivity


What does that little port at the bottom of the Gamepad do?  Make a use for it.

This jam is not supported by Nintendo.