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Wholesome RPG Jam

Wholesome RPG Jam ♥

What's It About?

Design a TTRPG that you would describe as "Wholesome". Be it kids trying to run a lemonade stand, a dad making waffles on Sunday morning,  a fairy tale princess singing to animals, whatever you like! A lot of games rely on violence and mayhem as mechanics, so let's take a breather and make some wholesome games! Any system, any setting.

The Rules:

  • Be wholesome: Make your kindest friendliest game. Something that gives you the warm fuzzies.
  • Try your best: If you don't finish a game, that's okay too!
  • Be kind and supportive: To yourself and others in this Jam.
  • Keep it G-Rated: No harsh language, violence, pornography, or otherwise explicit content.
  • Include safety tools and content warnings: Even if it's G-Rated, everyone has different triggers. Please be mindful when you create your game.
  • New games only: Do not use this as a platform to promote your existing games.


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a game about writing letters to mice in real time
lyric game, to converse w music
You are kittens getting into mischief and working together to steal something!
A game of Family, Food, and Memories.
A pseudo-GM-free tabletop RPG game where each player becomes another’s stepdad.
A TTRPG of Fort Building and Make Believe!
A wholesome storytelling game about Little Birds and a Mysterious Egg
A wholesome one-page shared story game