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The wholesome jam is a place for you to submit your feel-good games. That's it. No timeline, no stress or anxiety-inducing deadlines. Just you, your pals, and your games.

Have a game you wanna make? Here's a place to put it. Have a game you've already made and want to show off again? Here's a place to put it. Have a game you haven't shown anyone, but you really really wanna get it out there? This is the place for you, my friend.

The jam as a whole is pretty laid back. I'll gladly accept anything that's within the rules of itself, with two exceptions:

1. Nothing vulgar or hateful, no hate speech, nothing excessively violent or erotic, hopefully nothing your parents would be ashamed of. Keep it wholesome.

2. Keep it free. Don't get me wrong, I like money as much as the next guy and I understand why you'd want to make it, but this isn't the place to advertise your games. This is the place to take a chance, pour your heart out, and make us all feel good. Not to profit from us.

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I need a developer on board for this prodgect. play it, it could be the next big thing
Ploo! A Game for Two!
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