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aka #PolyhedralsJam.

hey, we're all out here loving people's artisanal fancy polyhedral dice sets, but real talk: what are we going to play with them? apart from D&D, but why have a set of dice you only use to play one game? We should be using those shiny shiny dice literally all the time.

This is a jam where the main point is to make a game* that uses EVERY. SINGLE. POLYHEDRAL. That's one of two rules!

The other rule is don't submit games centering a racist/sexist/transphobic/antisemitic/ableist/classist worldview. Your game can incorporate content that is sensitive or triggering, but please include a list of content warnings where applicable.

* games may include: hacks of other games to make them use a full set of polyhedrals instead of whatever resolution mechanic they ordinarily use, modules/playsets for other games, participatory performance art, larping. this does have to be a game that can be played with physical dice, though. I guess if you make a video game that asks you to roll dice and submit the result, that's cool too?


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A hostile roleplaying game that is threatening you
A solo RPG about the life and death of a constellation
A solo TTRPG about a robot learning how to feel
A competitive athletic dice-rolling game
a tactics based war game that has no combat, and is instead all about a lunchroom in a college
Trade or Pay
The suburbs are dangerous after dark.