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For a month we will be hosting a jam centered around developing creative works that focus on werewolves! Writer? Film maker? Board game creator? This is for creatives of all media to come together and add to the pantheon of werewolf art! SFW or NSFW!

We will be jamming together on our Werewolf Jam Discord -- Join us to share your works in progress, find teammates, and make werewolf art together!

Our full moon cycle of transformation and mayhem will begin on the night of the Worm Moon (March 6th) and end on the night of the Pink Moon (April 6th).

Some of our favorite interpretations of lycanthropy include:
- Wolfwalkers (2021) film which depicts Robyn's coming of age as she befriends the wolfwalker Mebh and learns her culture's dogmatic beliefs may be wrong. (link)
- Lakehound's short comic using species transformation as a metaphor for gender confirmation surgery. (link)
- An American Werewolf In London (1981) horror comedy film famous for its detailed transformation practical effects. (link)
- The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon video game expansion for Morrowind which lets the player explore a new location in the open world and become a werewolf!  (link)
- Blood And Chocolate novel by Annette Curtis Klause about the protagonist Vivian's struggle with her identity has a loup-garou and how that makes her ability to fit into the human world more difficult. (link)

There is nothing to gain except the pleasure of playing more werewolf games. But some people like to be challenged, to get feedback to improve, so a voting system based on some criteria will help us out:

- Gameplay: How enjoyable and engaging is the gameplay? Is it easy to pick up and play? Is there enough variety to keep players interested?

- Story: Does the game have a compelling story that fits with the werewolf theme? Is the story well-written and engaging?

- Art and Graphics: How well-designed are the graphics and art style? Does the art style match the theme of the game? Are the visuals appealing and well-executed?

- Sound and Music: How well-produced and fitting is the sound and music? Does it enhance the gameplay experience and match the werewolf theme?

- Originality: How unique and innovative is the game? Does it bring something new to the werewolf genre?

- Creativity: How creatively does the game incorporate the werewolf theme into the gameplay, story, art, and sound?

- Technical execution: How well-executed is the game in terms of performance, bugs, and glitches? Is it polished and bug-free?

- Seductive Power: How sexy are your werewolves? 👀

- Overall impression: How well does the game come together as a whole? Does it leave a lasting impression on the player?


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Visual Novel
Blink faces off against a Werewolf?
Visual Novel
Can you stop your human half before it's too late?
Play in browser
(18+) Explore the Sapphire Island as a werewolf named Sean
Interactive fiction about gender, disability, kink, and becoming a werewolf
Interactive Fiction
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Embrace your inner wolf
Visual Novel
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A solo-journaling game about becoming a werewolf
Interactive Fiction
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Interactive Fiction
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