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Hello this is Wendy's, can I take your order?
Your order of sweet, sweet, fresh, not frozen tabletop RPGs that is.

This jam shall operate on 3 main rules. You must:
1.  Make a game, supplement, or hack or whatever featuring ONLY Wendy's signature products such as our juicy Baconators or Frosties!
2.  You must NOT, I repeat, NOT, credit yourself in your games. Any game designers which credit themselves WILL be DISQUALIFIED
3.  Post your game on Twitter with the tag #WendysJam, #WendysRPG and #PleaseSponsorMe
4. Do NOT charge for your game. Don't you fucking dare. 

That is all.


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a potluck game to play with friends
A Diner Dash tribute game
A healthy supplement for a missing order in the Wendys RPG
A game about quirky fast food social media accounts