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A jam about nonsensical maps inspired by Weird Spy Satellite.

I was looking through this wonderful bot's feed and thought how cool would it be to explore the strange locations it generates. I've made this jam to take it a step further and let everyone create their own unique thing inspired by the concept.

Step by step guide to the jam:

1. Take any map-looking image. I like to use abstract spills or shapes for instance. You can also use public domain areal photography, but try finding not easily recognizable places (like cities).

2. Use titles generated by the bot or invent your own weird descriptions. Make sure it does not make sense. Place it on the map.

4. Play with it. Experiment with words and symbols. Find cool combos.

5. Write a scenario or game around the location you have created. It can be any length or genre.

6. Submit it to the jam on this page!

* * *

I reserve (and will use) the right to remove any bigoted or hateful work.

This jam is not affiliated with Mark Sample, creator of Weird Spy Satellites, in any way.


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A sci-fi adventure map for TTRPGs
Psychedelic science-fantasy point crawl
Come and explore the weird!
A map of junctions on the astral plane to shift an RPG mid-campaign
A trifold brochure length system-agnostic science fantasy setting for tabletop RPGs.
A strange sci-fi adventure exploring a power source.