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Who has time for game jams, with jobs, families and other commitments getting in the way? Week Sauce tries to make jamming more chill.

  • No set dates. Start whenever.
  • You have 7 days to make something, but they don’t need to be  consecutive days.
  • After that, publish whatever you have, even if it’s not finished! No big deal, it’s just a #weeksauce game after all!
  • Submit as many (or few) times during the month as you want, will host a new one at the start of every month.
  • Tag any games you submit as #weeksauce, and use that same hashtag in social media so others can find you. You can also  follow @weeksaucegames on Twitter for announcements, or join our Discord server if you want to chat with other participants.

This month's (optional) theme is:
Imagine a game you love is the sequel to an earlier, previously unknown, but recently rediscovered game. Make that game.

This month’s theme is based on this game design idea by @ladylakira.

Note that your game must be created during the jam and for this jam only; if you created it or submitted it to a different jam, please don't re-submit it to Week Sauce.

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help the robot-princess to get her daughters!
A spiritual sequel to the Arcade classic 'City Connection'
A fanmade prequel to Among Us, but this time you play as an alien infiltrating the ship to take over the crew.
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This time, you are the Space Invaders!
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Help Alain Suchon in his fight to retrieve David Hazelhoff's soul
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