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This week's theme is: 'Too Late'

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What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh, this is a game jam repeating weekly, where your main challenge is to make a game in O N E  week, where it has to be  C O L O R F U L, (seriously).

There will also be a theme, which you should also use. When the jam is over, the games will be voted on, by how much it follows the theme, and how colorful it is!

Is any tools illegal?

No of course not! Use any game engine or art program you want!

Here is some examples:


UnityUnrealGodot, and so on


AsepritePaint.netPhotoShopGimp, and so on

I think you get it now

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Psychedelic Pixel Visualizer Game
Your buddy just left, but you might as well check out the tower alone.
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Once again, and again!
A short visual novel about how a game ends.
Visual Novel
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Don't waste your time and collect all the surprises before it's too late.
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A controllable ball, and blocks that dissappears
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