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THEME: 'Lost'

damn, to late to make any progress in this jam... but wait, I can sense a new jam!

Weekly Rainbow Jam 10

What exactly is "The Weekly Rainbow Jam"?

This is a jam were you can make ANYTHING YOU WANT, not only games. 

You can make an image, a video, a text, game, a 3D model, or maybe even a Discord Bot.

What's special about this jam, is that everything HAS to be COLORFUL! It can be rainbows, unicorns, a colorful donut, or maybe even something LGBT related stuff. It's up to you!

When you have an entry ready, share it either at the Discord Server, or on the submission page. If you have tooooo big file to upload to the server, you can share a GitHub link, Google Drive link, or OneDrive link, or something else. It's totally up to you.


...Is that there is a friggin' theme above. Ye ye ye. The theme is an additional theme to the colors, so don't worry we still have to use COLORS!

Guys, I know it's boring, but it is important


Rule 1(This is the most important rule of them all!) HAVE FUN! What's the point if we don't have FUN!?

Rule 2(This one may be a bit booooring, but it's VERY important) Don't make anything racist, or offensive, and be NICE!

Rule 3(READ THIS, OR YOUR ENTRY CAN GET DISQUALIFIED)Do it your own way, but you SHOULD make it with the current theme, and you HAVE TO do it with colors.

Rule 4(Seriously guys, this has happened too many times now...) YOU CAN'T START BEFORE THE JAM STARTS! AND DON'T SUBMIT THINGS MADE FOR OTHER JAMS!


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Lost In The Dark was made for Weekly Rainbow Jam 9.
Help the soul get to the light
Play in browser
A small podcast VN with a bit of fear of rainbows.
Visual Novel