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Ready for jam number 4?!!! Procedural Content Generation

Welcome to Weekend Crazy Jam !!! What is so special about this jam? Well, the theme is unusual of course, but hey!? There have always been many jams with crazy game topics! That is why ours are the craziest!

That is why we have an unusual system of choosing them, he-he-he :)

So how it works? Every new Weekend Crazy Jam we think of new random system and new sources where we can get theme ideas. For example, depending on the current weather in the random country chosen by random coordinates on the map we decide the number or the seed. Then we chose on random the source of getting a topic and then the actual theme. We also look for the subject to be interesting, not just a first random guess (sometimes the theme can be just OK, but it should be CRAZY! (in good sense crazy of course :p )).

@@@ <Important> @@@

All content in the game should be procedurally generated.

This weekend theme is: Not Mindless Garden. Good Luck! EDIT: You can use your previous code for generation. Some things like character are not necessary procedural, but the environment and all other things that are in massive use should be procedural. Have Fun!!!

@@@ </Important> @@@

  • Any mechanics.
  • Code - it's appreciated that it's yours and that the game was written from scratch. You can use other code, but you ought to write what parts are not yours.
  • If you work without artist It's OK to use assets (remember to give credits, also specify even if they are CC0).


  • Mechanics
  • Controls
  • Fun
  • Content Diversity (Take into account that it's only 2 days, though a lot can be done in 2 days.)
  • Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Music
  • Sound Effects
  • User Interface
  • Compliance With Topic

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Just a game collecting spheres.