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Weakness Week


Go to a mirror look at yourself!

Look at all the great things you have made and done! 

Close your eyes and think...

Have I ever cut corners to submit a game to a jam before?
What do I always put off to the last minute before I submit my game?

Open your eyes, look at yourself! Challenge yourself!


target your biggest challenge when making games & jamming
music/art/design/programming/story/<thing tigerj didn't think of />

  • NSFW entries are not permitted (all games will be streamed on twitch)
  • teams are allowed, please indicate on your entry if it was a team project
    • (you will get one prize, how you divide it or pick among yourselves is your decision)
  • you can use 3rd party assets as long as you credit them
  • you can use previous projects or games made in the past
  • you can use code or libraries from other work you have done

Post any questions about the rules in Discord


TBA prizes will be aids to assist your chosen weakness specified during submission


I (TigerJ) will be streaming every entry on twitch:

Also featuring the talents of MrJoshuaMcLean:

Reading this and want your stream or YouTube channel listed as a media source?

Contact me



Use #WWJAM on twitter and share your progress in discord


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Windows (11)
macOS (3)
Linux (4)
Android (1)
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Shooter meets platformer meets mystery meets super8bitRafa
Simple 2D stacking game which I made as my first game in Unity3D.
Play in browser
A deckbuilding card battling game
Card Game
Survival of the Fittest.
Detective Sykes must find who's leading the criminal empire and take them down.
Card Game
Play in browser
Avoid the flying blocks
A Christmas platformer game and it's to late for Christmas!
Visual Novel
Play in browser
You work in an itemshop (should i keep developing after jam??)
Grab the Magnet and take the egg into the incubator!
Play in browser
My first project in 3D. A bad game, just for the Weakness Week Gamejam