This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-12-01 08:00:00 to 2017-03-31 07:00:00.

WaterJam exists to raise awareness and support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The DAPL construction project has already violated traditional sacred lands and bulldozed traditional burial sites. It was rerouted so that white people to the north wouldn't feel that their water supply was endangered. (see this map here)

Take a look here for more history.

So what are we gonna do?

We're gonna make us some games. (And donate some money!)

The theme of the jam is "WATER IS LIFE". Make games that honour the role of water in our lives. Feel free to also play with the ideas of decolonization, Native American / First Nations sovereignty, and the environmental impact of the oil industry.

Everyone who submits to or plays games from WaterJam is asked to please donate to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in support of their stand for Indigenous sovereignty and the protection of our water.

****To DONATE and take action please CLICK HERE****


- must be a game of some kind, probably

- must be supportive and honoring of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the #NoDAPL movement

- can be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere, I'm not picky