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Watch yourself progress.

The way this jam works is you take on a project slightly larger than your average mini-game.

The game should include aspects of game making which you haven't really delved into before, such as experimenting with art, switching from 2D to 3D or even something more experimental like storylines or even different genres if you want to.

What we want to see is improvement from where you are now, to after the jam with a (near enough) completed game. Along the way we would like to see development logs or blog posts and/or at the end show a compilation of progress such as seeing the game in different stages.This can be submitted as a video, blog post or a different media, but we must be able to view it.

Thanks for competing in advance and enjoy. :D

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early stage game demo
Engage yourself in this addictive game starring Jake.
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An updated version of the first game that I've made on GameMaker
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This is a cool game you need to avoid green barrier by going into the empty spaces