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Soooo... smol intro. Akward because we say web3? Cringe about NFTs? You hate crypto and just hit format C:/ on your pc, phone and toaster?

As Abe Lincoln said: Don't hate the player, hate the game! Well.. don't hate the game. Tech is as good as we use it and web3 has a lot of promise: privacy, security, scarcity, scalability, interoperability and other words that end in "ty".

Scroll down and see what this game jam is about, while we make cheesy references from games only old people know about.

The theme Sports & Skill, tournament mode
Mobile or desktop? The game should be mobile first, vertical, playable with 1 hand
Who can join? Anybody with game dev capabilities looking to become a game developers, learn and have fun
When does the jam start? June 2nd we kick off with a Discord video with all participants and our partners
June 3rd, 2023 00:00 EET - WAM JAM starts
June 13th, 2023 23:59 EET - WAM JAM ends
June 14-16th we judge each submission based on the criteria
June 17th we announce the winners
What tech can I use? Here is a selection of tools one can use to develop a HTML5 game
( some smarter folks helped with their example here )

HTML5 Game Engines



Who will judge the games? Our partners will have 1 vote + 1 WAM vote + 1 community vote ( huge community +300k )
Do you have Discord Sir?
Yes, it's mandatory to join Join WAM Jam Discord Join our Discord server through the invitation link and you'll automatically receive the "Game Jammer" role. This will allow you to access our WAM.JAM groups.
Do I need a team? No, but nice to have. We have a Discord channel to look for team mates.
Do I have to integrate web3 stuff? Not for the initial submission but it is definitelly a plus and it's easy + fun btw
Do I have to use AI for graphics? Not mandatory but we definitelly appreciate the creativity.
Can I submit late? Nope, sorry, a deadline is a deadline and we want to respect the ones who do submit on time.
Can I edit my submission afterwards? Yes, for a publishing deal, the games will need some finishing touches, but will not effect the jury vote.
How will we get the prizes? All prizes will be paid with crypto currency. After the winners have been chosen, each team/person will have to provide details to our team to collect the prize
NSFW Submissions?
No NSFW Submissions  

Anything you make during the WAM Jam is your property. WAM claims no rights or ownership of your game. WAM can sponsor games if they hit the mark. This is a separate deal.

Any game submitted to the WAM Jam may show up in a WAM YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok video and on our website without your express permission.


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Do up to triple jumps over various hats to collect as many points as you can!
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Let chaos ensue in this juicy, feel-good pinball-like. Play it right on your phone, right now.
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Top-Down Survival Dodgeball Sports Game For WAM JAM
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small teamproject for wamjam
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A game based on the Olympics Biathalon event.
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