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Wake Tech's Simulation and Game Development department is hosting its annual ECGC student Game Showcase. Entrants that have their games selected will be able to show them during the East Coast Game Conference. 

Game Requirements:

  1. Your game must be playable
  2. You are required to submit a video with a video link. Your video needs to include a brief introduction of the team members and their roles, and a play-through to show off game play, features, player feedback, level design and game's victory condition. The length of this video should not exceed 5 minutes.
  3. Your game must include the following items:
    • Main menu: title of the game, logo, team name, and a way to start the game. 
    • Playable section demonstrating the basic gameplay with a clear achievable goal. 
    • Once completed, your game should return to the main menu. 
    • Credits (displayed at the end of the game or on the main menu) with the name of the participants and their job titles for the project.
  4. All participants in the creation of the game must be current Wake Tech students.
  5. Game content should be rated AT MOST a T by ESRB standards.
  6. Each team must submit via email to Aurore Locklear ( or George Cox ( their contact information: team name, names of each team members, and email addresses of each team members.
  7. You CANNOT accept money for this game submission. If your game is not set to No Payments, it will automatically be removed from the game jam. NO E XCEPTIONS!


Public voting on these games will take place during the East Coast Game Conference on April 18 and 19.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter? Current Wake Tech students only.

How much effort should I put in? Games will be reviewed by the public and also industry professionals. We recommend you put forth the most effort you are able to.

Can we use pre-made assets? Yes! Make sure to have the right to use them and include credits as needed.

What game engines are we allowed to use? All game engines are allowed.

What if I need help to upload my game here? You are having a rough day. We understand! Fear not! Click on this link (opens in a new window) for detailed instructions on how to load your game. (URL:

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