This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-12-02 04:00:00 to 2018-12-09 04:00:00. View 1 entry

W3 Game Jam (Wild West Weekly)

Seven days to jam.  Go wild.

Looking for week 48?

This is week 49 of year '18.

Looking for week 50?

This week's theme:  [Everything's Breakable]

Discord:  W3 Game Jam

Theme is decided upon during the week, so join the Discord to begin discussing.  Every Sunday at 00:00, Eastern (USA), the jam ends and the new week begins.

We are trying to keep the theme from being narrative-based, and more like something you would expect from LD.  Click here for a pool of themes to vote from (it's four years outdated, but it still has a good 2,000 themes from which to select a more legitimate theme).

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