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Vulcan Jam

Vulcan is the Roman god of volcanoes, metal-working, and the forge. Let us forge some new games!

Forge a game themed around Vulcan or one of his godly duties

This is a causal jam to highlight some of the gamedev talent in Birmingham, Alabama (USA)--but anybody, anywhere is welcome to participate. The theme is Vulcan because Birmingham has a huge cast-iron statue of his magnificence.

Make sure you tweet your progress using tag #VulcanJam


The rules are super chill. You can work alone or on a team. You can start ahead of time if you want. It would be good to follow the theme, but if your creativity steers you in another direction then that is okay.


If you are in or around the Birmingham area, make sure to visit the community tab above to introduce yourself. You can also find other Birmingham developers and animators on the Bhammer facebook page or the Bhammer meetup page. If you are new to making games and want to team up then don't be afraid to ask.


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Find Vulcan and save the town
Made for Vulcan game jam 2017
A 3d Take on the classic Missile Command done for a local game jam.
Can you finally escape the great plains?
Role Playing
No one wants that butt staring them down all day. Can you do something about it?
Become the Avatar and forge your trophies!
A simple clicker game made for the Vulcan Jam.
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